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Daytona Coupe 65

Daytona 65

The Daytona Coupe (also referred to as the Daytona Cobra Coupe) is an American sports-coupé related to the AC roadster, loosely based on its chassis and drive-train. It was built for auto racing, specifically to take on Ferrari and

its 250 GTO in the GT class.

Just The Orginals "Six Shelby Daytona Coupes" were built between 1964 and 1965, as Mr Shelby was reassigned to the Ford GT40 project to compete at the 24 hours of Le Mans, again to beat Ferrari in the highest level prototype class. With the  Daytona, 

Mr Shelby became the first American constructor to win a title on the international scene at the FIA World Sportscar Championship in 1965. The Daytona Class of Vehicle has recently been chosen for historic preservation as a significant vehicle in the history of auto racing. 


Full History of this Vehicle Class

What You Get


Ford 347 c.i. Fuel Injected


Horsepower & Torque:
410 hp / 405 ft. lbs.

Motor Spec can go to 700 BHP

10.0 to 1

Fuel Delivery:
Fuel Injected, Holley Sniper EFI

Edlebrock Polished Air Gap or the Coates Rotary Valve Head 

Depending on our Gas Process selected.

Rotary Valves

 Secure Supplies our Parent Company worked tirelessly to bring forward the technologies  for these vehicles and one such advance are the rotary valves.

Secure Supplies Coates.jpg


302ci, 2 bolt main, bored .040
1-piece rear main seal
Hand picked seasoned blocks
Square and parallel decked
Align honed main bearing bore
Cylinders honed on computer controlled machine to within .0002 straightness and roundness
Cylinders are sonic tested for thickness

Rotating Assembly:
Cast steel crank
3.4” stroke and Forged 5.4” rods
150,000 psi rod bolts
Forged pistons
Hastings Moly rings
Balanced rotating assembly
High volume oil pump
Hydraulic roller camshaft
Heavy duty double roller timing set

Heads: Option for Rotary Valves 
58cc chamber
Hardened retainers and springs
2.02 swirl polished intake valves
1.60 swirl polished exhaust valves
(BP Aluminum Head Part# HP9009)

Cam Specs:
Roller, .543 Intake
.554 Exhaust & 218 Intake
226 Exhaust duration @ .050 - 112 degree lobe separation


Manual  - Auto Option

Optional TKO 600 5-Speed Transmission Specifications
Includes the following:
Mcleod Super Street Pro single disk clutch
Aluminum bell housing
Tremec HD Yoke 
Billet flywheel
Engine guard
Tuff Stuff starter

First Gear Ratio: 2.87:1
Second Gear Ratio: 1.89:1
Third Gear Ratio: 1.28:1
Fourth Gear Ratio: 1.00:1
Fifth Gear Ratio: 0.82:1

Vehicle Chassis  

Complete jig-welded tube Space frame, 95” wheelbase chassis.

torque rated 720 hp small block General Motor LS or  Ford 302, 351, and 5.0L Coyote engines.

• Powder coated in gloss black
• Includes full roll cage and SCCA style rear crossbar in cockpit


Hand laid 3/16” laminate composite body includes hinged nose, main rear clip and doors with hinged glass rear window. Made with high quality vinylester resin.
• Glass front windshield (DOT safety glass windshield and hatch)
• Air scoops

Quality Chassis Rust Proof Aluminum Panels:

  6061-T6 aluminum panels for cockpit (floors, trans cover, and foot boxes), rear trunk area, and engine bay/ firewall/ splash guards.
• Cockpit aluminum   foot boxes, floors and transmission tunnel. Includes speedo cable block-off plate and trans harness block off plates. Aluminum dash  
• Engine bay aluminum  with aluminum radiator duct surrounds and splash guards
• Aluminum trunk area

Front Suspension:

Control arms with coil-over shock suspension.  

• KONI™ brand high performance mono-tube, rod-end shock absorbers
• Coil-over kit for KONI™ shocks including  500lb. black powdercoated springs
• Adjustable upper control arms 
 • Grade-8 mounting hardware
• FFR forged steel spindles with fasteners

Rear Suspension:

High-end 3-link deluxe rear suspension is standard   with Ford 8.8” rear solid axle 

• FFR Deluxe 3-Link suspension  
• KONI™ brand high performance mono-tube, rod-end shock absorbers
• Coil-over kit for KONI™  
•  polyurethane bushings and fasteners

  independent rear suspension   includes:​

  • KONI coil-over shocks with coil-over kit, springs, and fasteners

• Front Brakes,  GT 11” front and Rear rotors with twin piston PBR aluminum calipers
• Master cylinders (listed in pedal box assembly), stainless braided brake lines, front and rear  

Steering System:

Steering system using 15:1 manual rack

 Collapsible design.

• 15:1 Aluminum manual steering rack  
• Polyurethane steering rack bushings
• 14” Vintage wood and aluminum steering wheel  


2 color

Choice Dark Blue or sky Blue 

Complete Fuel System/Parts:

Based on OEM Ford Mustang fuel tank and system, this assembly provides everything from the gas cap to the lines, and is designed to work with carbureted or fuel injected systems. External fuel pump required.

• OEM Ford fuel tank with mounting straps and hardware, vents, gaskets, pick-up and fuel level sending unit
• Fuel lines, flex lines, unions and barb connectors and filler neck
• Pre-flared fuel lines (1/4” and 5/16”) with unions, barbs, hose clamps and high press flex lines and fasteners
• Aston LeMans style polished aluminum fuel cap with integral plastic OEM style pressure cap, gaskets, ground strap, fuel hose to tank extension with fasteners
• Fuel filter, connectors and hose clamps

Complete Cooling System/Parts:

Electric cooling fan, thermostat, relays and mounting kit with hardware. Cooling system also includes stainless steel radiator hoses, and all necessary fasteners.

• Electric cooling fan, high flow 16” puller, with mounting kit and connectors
• Aluminum radiator, in-line filler neck, and pressure cap
• Radiator mount kit and fasteners
• Stainless Steel radiator hose kit incl. adapter kit, fasteners and hose
• Overflow tank with cap, hoses, hose clamps and mounting hardware
• 185 degree thermostat switch and wiring

Misc. Engine Accessories/Side Exhaust:

Exhaust/Mounted sides : engine and headers to vintage side exit exhausts.

• J-pipes side exhaust, bare steel

  • 31 spline driveshaft for 2015 IRS
Gauges, Dash, and Electrical Assembly:

 Integrated harness and electronic gauges are just the start of this massive assembly

 Vintage/replica or modern/performance gauges to complement an authentic

 Coupe style dash. Complete assembly comes with aluminum dash, dash button, indicator lights, switches, and horn.

• Type 65 Coupe style aluminum dashboard 
• Ignition switch and FFR key, headlight switch, 3-position turn signal switch, starter solenoid and horns
• Red, green, blue indicator dash lights
• Complete set of 7 Autometer brand electronic gauges, 

• Speedometer
• Tachometer
• Oil Pressure Gauge
• Water Temperature Gauge
• Fuel Level Gauge
• Voltmeter
• Oil Temperature Gauge

  Complete set of 7 vintage FFR  gauges with connectors, terminals
and installation kit includes:

• GPS Speedometer, reverse read
• Tachometer
• Oil Pressure Gauge
• Water Temperature Gauge
• Fuel Level Gauge
• Voltmeter
• Clock

Interior Accessories:

The 65 Coupe kit comes with all the interior accessories  

• Authentic design Coupe bucket seats, black vinyl with fasteners
• 5-point Simpson brand harnesses
• Steel inner door frames and door handles, hinges, latches and leather check straps
• Emergency brake boot, black vinyl
• High-quality fabric headliner
• Authentic interior rear view mirror with fasteners
• 7 piece electronic gauge assembly
• Stainless steel shifter handle, shift knob, 

Exterior Accessories and Lighting:

Along with the goodies on the inside of the car, the Coupe is period correct on the outside. 

• Gas struts for tilt nose and rear hatch
• Authentic license plate light and bracket with fasteners
• High quality laser-cut aluminum mesh vents for nose/sides and rear brake ducts on tail
• Ceramic FFR nose badge
• Polished side view mirror, original style
• Original style headlamps (DOT) with buckets, halogen headlamps,  
• Lexan headlight covers and fasteners 

Electrical Parts and Assemblies:

• Battery tray, J-bolts, cables and hold-downs with fasteners
• Battery cable, pre-cut, pre-assembled 4-gauge positive cable with terminal covers
• Insulated line clip hardware and fasteners
• Cable ties, wire loom and flex grommeting


Type 65 Coupe  Manual:

Bound manual that is over 200 pages long.

We Reserve right to update change or modify any part or items on this list. 

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