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Hydrogen Hot Rod Custom Vehicle Group.

Our company decided it was time to simply stop using fossil fuels and push forward the new fueling options to you and your clients faster.

Starting with initiating products for the the new Green fueled high end top performance specialty sector.  Vehicles presented, sold  and delivered from our teams at Hydrogen Hot Rod Group, have more advanced green hydrogen fueling options included on them, than any other performance vehicle on the market..

We believe as a leading advocate and parts supplier for the Green High Performance Vehicle Sector and the New  Hydrogen Hot  Rod , Race ,Drift and  Super car communities, That members can easily see the requirement to bring these products out to market now.


Coming together in one accord as a industry to strengthen and protect the industry we love. We invite you  and your company to be seen to be green and  join us to bring the technologies to broader markets faster and further than ever before to sustain the industry sector into the future..

The High performance green combustion engines we have developed  and the industry which they now fit into and garner support from  now.


Is jointly in a  position to thrive right now  as fossil fuel engines stop being permitted or as high performance engines become even more restricted on emissions.

We do not need to sacrifice our performance or our existing events or vehicles at all.

Together we  have to further establish this vital industry protection path now. 

It is important as a Specialty High Performance vehicle enthusiast and industry vendor to understand fully these changes..

We ask you and your company to now join in and support our endeavor to produce distribute and sell green fueled high performance vehicles more aggressively to the private collector and owner club sector.   Particularly hydrogen fueled combustion engines as we bring the technology to the market.

We offer solid state tanks with advanced  Hydrogen Solutions incorporating On Demand boost and performance technologies. Products  which incorporate both twin / duel  Prime fueling fueling  of Gasoline or hydrogen (choosing between the 2 as you need to).

And Also prime fuel single hydrogen only fueled Vehicles with both tanks and on demand technologies.. 

We have assembled our suite of technologies and vehicle over 15 years of working in the Hydrogen and Automotive industry. At present all parts components and workmanship is completed in the USA and is completely custom for each vehicle.


Each Vehicle is one of a kind High Performance Specialty vehicle designed to give pride to each owner, with  enduring performance  drive-ability and reliability.


The Company 

Board of Directors

Hydrogen Hot Rod Custom Vehicle Group.


The Founder

Industry Advocate 

As the founder , Daniel Donatelli leads our team in strategic business  development and technology value adds. He participates directly with management teams with assembly of technologies through to resale. A Professional Quality of Technology Driven Business Man.

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