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5 Hydrogen Fueled Models packed

with HP Engine Technology

Each of these Brand New Vehicles are Made from American Steel using cutting edge assembly techniques  

                                         All Components and  parameters are geared towards environmental concerns,

                            and the sustainability and recycling of parts steel and fuel resources of local communities.

Interiors are Constructed from Natural Wood Leather  and Natural Fibers

every part of our interior is hand made. We appoint each model with a variety of technologies from gauges,

to sound systems and hydrogen control panels. 

Drives Harder Faster and Better than a Super Car. 

The technologies deployed to the business end of our vehicles are unsurpassed. in quality and performance 

The mechanical design of each vehicle is drawn from techniques and tools used in the space program.

The power and performance including operational safety is second to done.

Hydrogen Hot Rod Specialty vehicles is proud of our team.of leading professionals.

Skill people that support each cars is assembly in detail.

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